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The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs hosts a number of events and activities every year to help postdocs be as successful as possible. Our calendar for Spring 2023 can be found below. The links to zoom meetings will be sent directly to postdocs through our listserv. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Neil Vander Most, Associate Director of Postdoctoral Affairs. Please also check with the Utah Postdoctoral Association for the latest news on the events they are hosting

Spring 2023

  • Tuesday, April 11th, 12 pm -1 pm: Negotiations Workshop (In-Person), EHSEB 1730, Please RSVP Here
  • Wednesday, April 12th, 6 pm -7 pm: Negotiations Workshop (Zoom)
  • Tuesday, May 16th, 12 pm-1 pm: Networking Workshop, Marriott Library Room 1170, Please RSVP Here
  • Wednesday, May 17th, 6 pm-7 pm: Networking Workshop, Zoom
  • Thursday, May 18th, 12 pm-1 pm: Networking Workshop, EHSEB Room 5100C, Please RSVP Here
  • Tuesday, June 20th, 4:30pm – 6pm: Networking Workshop, Marriott Library Room 1701 (Gould Auditorium), Please RSVP Here