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Postdoctoral Travel Assistance Award

We welcome applications from current postdoctoral researchers at the University of Utah for travel assistance. Funding opportunities are available for those presenting their work either in person or virtually. Additionally, limited professional development support is offered for those interested in attending conferences where they are not presenting. It is important to note that each postdoc at the University of Utah is eligible to receive only one travel award throughout their postdoctoral career unless they have won an award as a prize for a contest or drawing.

About the Program

The PTAA award is a versatile opportunity for postdoctoral researchers whose research or creative projects have been accepted for presentation at professional meetings in person or virtually. With proper documentation, it can be used to attend academic workshops or training opportunities as well, even if there are no presentation requirements.

HR job codes that are classified as postdoc positions include 9205, 9207, 9208, 9209, 9210, 9211, 9212 & 9213.

The PTAA functions as a funds-matching program. Applicants must already have travel funding support from their departments, principal investigator, or other University funding sources. Applications for virtual conferences must be submitted to the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs before the conference date to be considered for funding.

In-person travel maximum


Virtual conference registration maximum


For any instance where a postdoc is applying for funding to participate in a conference without presenting their research, they will need to demonstrate their intent to participate through proof of workshop registration, training registration, or other documents. Applications must be received in the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs before the conference date.

Requirements for Applying


You must be presenting your research at a conference or professional meeting, or attending a conference for the explicit purpose of professional development.


Those presenting must provide confirmation from the venue stating that their abstract has been accepted for presentation.


You have not previously received Postdoctoral Travel Assistance Award funding

Last Updated: 10/2/23