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Faculty Job Search Resources

Peer support

The Future PI Slack group is an informal peer mentoring group for biomedical postdocs who are interested in staying in academia.

General resources

UPenn - Application Materials for the Faculty Job Search includes guidelines on preparing the range of materials, and online webinars for Postdocs and PhDs in STEM, Humanities, and Social Science.

UCSF - Application Materials for Faculty Positions

Application Materials - Guidelines, Samples, Rubrics


Research Plan & Statement Guidelines + Sample

  • This source effectively addresses how to think about a research statement, with guidelines on plan and writing one, and an example to illustrate. It is detailed, specific, and enjoyable to read.


Teaching Philosophy Statement

CV for Teaching


Diversity Statement

Rubrics for Assessing DEI Statements

Sample Diversity Statements

Last Updated: 9/25/23